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About us

Out2Source is a comprehensive platform for:

  • Software Houses and Freelancers – looking to rent out developer or entire team on outsourcing basis
  • Any company interested in hiring developer or entire team

Out2Source supports IT projects globally by connecting organizations with experienced available developers on outsourcing basis.


Pick profiles you are looking for – talk to the candidates – hire.


Create a profile – define hourly rate - wait for offers – outsource.


Create a profile - define hourly rate - wait for offers - start work.

How does it work ?

  • Out2Source gives you direct access to the database of highly skilled IT professionals from Poland and abroad ( or globally).
  • You can see Profile/competencies/hourly rate.
  • Pick various searching criteria e.g. level of English/ability to relocate.
  • Pick a profile/s suitable for the project and report initial reservation for a required period of time.
  • We examine those candidates due to your matching criteria - we’ll organize a teleconference and make sure the chosen specialist kick starts with your project.
  • If you ‘re not satisfied with developer we will provide a quick replacement.
  • You can cancel the reservation at any time, so you don’t waste time for off boarding.
  • Alternatively , you can tell us who you need and we’ll provide a proper team for your project.

Searching for right people:

  • Out2source will reduce your team building time from 30 to 3 days.
  • We will take care of examining candidates’ skills you’re looking for.
  • There is a clear rate per hour and calendar of availability next to each profile.
  • Quick, efficient and as easy as possible. We make sure everything goes nice and smooth to enable a quick kick – start.
  • Save up to 90% of recruitment costs.
  • Deliver project results up to 4 times quicker.

Out2Source gives you

  • Time - Out2source reduces your team building time from 30 to 3 days. No need to recruit or fire. Recruitments can take up to few months and you may eventually end up with vacancy.
  • Quality - work with the best, tailored to your needs. You gain easy access to huge list of various competencies and a broader perspective for your project.
  • Flexibility - increase and decrease your team nice and easy due to your needs. No need to recruit and fire after the project. For instance, you can hire a developer with unique competencies directly related and tailored to your project’s requirements.
  • No long term commitments - if there are unforeseen circumstances (e.g. your project has been halted) you can easily reduce your team.
  • Cost efficiency – you pick candidates tailored to your needs – hire them when you need it and just for the required period of time.
  • Comfort zone – if someone needs to leave a project, we will provide a replacement of the same or higher competencies as quickly as possible.
  • Guarantee – if you are not satisfied with developer you can terminate cooperation or ask for a replacement.
  • Assurance – if a deadline is close and you may be subject to penalty clause, do not take any chances and easily hire additional people that can join the project even within 24h.

Key advantages:

  • Decrease your team building time from 30 to 3 days!
  • Cut recruitment costs up to 90%
  • Deliver results 4 times quicker.

Outsourcing models

Body Leasing

You can hire one or more IT specialists to join your existing team.

Team Leasing

You can hire entire team that can comprehensively complete a project.

Projects’ outsourcing

Hire us, and we will complete your entire project from the scratch on subcontracting basis.


28% of all IT projects globally are completed via outsourcing.